Gefran 40T72 PID Single-display universal temperature controller

40T72 PID Single-display universal temperature controller Specifications:

Gefran’s 40T 72 PID is a 72x36 microprocessor based instrument, manufactured with SMT. This controller has an operator interface protected by a lexan membrane, which provides an IP65 front face protection. Face panel is made up of 3 keys, a 4-digit display and 3 indication LEDs. A multitude of various sensors can be connected to the input of our Gefran 40T 72 PID:

The input selection is available from instrument’s keyboard, and through the proper input contact. Consequently, no external matching shunt is required. Furthermore, the controllers are equipped with the following relays, 5A, 250Vac, and cosφ=1, or static (6V/20mA) outputs.

These relays are used to control (heat, cool or heat/cool not without overlap) and/or as alarm. 


Available Configuration:

Sensor power supply
1,2Vdc for potentiometer
18Vdc, 50mA for transmitter 2 wires
Output 1, Output 2
Relay, Relay
Relay, Logic
Triac, None
Output 3
Power supply
11…27Vdc, 18…27Vac non isolated
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