Gefran 400 Single display controller

400 Single display controller Specifications:

Gefran‘s 1/16 DIN Microprocessor controllers are manufactured using SMT technology. These controllers provide a complete operator interface protected by a Lexan® membrane; This technology ensures level IP65 faceplate protection. Gefran 1/16 DIN Controllers are also equipped with 4 keys, and a 4 digit display.

Gefran’s Universal input provides the possibility to connect many types of sensors:

Sensor configuration is preformed from faceplate interface, of which, no external shunts or adapters are required. Programming procedures are facilitated by grouping parameters in function blocks (CFG for the control parameters, INP for the inputs, OUT for the outputs ) Furthermore, the possibility of selecting a simplified menu for entering the most frequently used parameters is also available. Consequently, a programming kit for PC is also available to facilitate the configuration a step further.


Available Configuration:

Output 1
Output 2
Power supply
11….14Vac (22….27Vac)
100….127Vac (220….240Vac)
11….27Vac/dc (non isolated)
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